Our Philosophy

It’s not all work and no play at PupTown. Play is integral to the socialization experience. It teaches your pup how to handle different personality types and play styles.  In the doggie day care experience your pup will meet many different dogs and thus help them to develop the skills necessary to be successful, when at the dog park or on a trail hike with Mom and Dad. PupTown Dog Coaches are trained to understand dog pack management and canine body language. It takes experience to understand a dog’s body movement while they are playing and to know when it is time for the dog to take a rest. PupTown has a Zen Zone to help pups that play just a little too hard to relax and help teach them how to calm the play down.

Our Commitment to Dogs and the Community

At PupTown, we want to be “Doggie Ambassadors!” And we encourage our clients to do the same. No matter how you refer to yourself, i.e., a pet parent, guardian or owner, we humans  “own” the responsibility of caring for our dogs and respecting our community and its citizens. As hard as it is to believe, not every one loves dogs the way we do! If dogs are allowed to break the rules, they will have less  access to parks, trails, beaches, family and friends. In order to prevent this, keep in mind:

  • Almost all cities have leash laws; keep your dog on leash unless you are in a designated off-leash area.
  • Pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it properly.
  • Don’t allow your dog to approach unknown people or dogs unless welcomed.

PupTown Dog Coaches go through extensive training to understand the basics of training, pack management and body language.  Additionally, we have coaches that are trained in pet first aid and CPR certified.  Our coaches are committed to your dog’s experience and we will be communicating any information to you that we believe will assist you in having a better experience with your dog while training or taking them out to the dog park to meet friends and socialize.

Our Play Spaces

PupTown is divided into several play spaces. Each play area will be monitored by one of our coaches and have an assortment of play structures, fresh water and elevated bedding for short breaks.

  • Jack Russell Square (for our little dog guests – 25lbs or less)
  • Golden Gate Bark (for our large and most playful guests – where the party gets started!)
  • Zen Zone (for chilling out, relaxing and for our golden year pups)

PupTown’s overnight guests will have comfy bedding, turn-down service with a treat, fresh water and soothing, relaxing music. Each guest is welcome to bring some personal items for the comfort of their pup’s stay. Please check with us for details. Staff will be onsite 24/7 for our overnight guests.

The PupTown facility is a clean, hygienic and safe place for your pup. We use the latest industry standard products to keep your dog and our employees safe. The facility is sanitized daily, and of course, cleaned on an as-needed basis. Food will be stored safely (refrigerated if needed) and water and food bowls are washed and disinfected every day. Please let us know if your food requires any refrigeration or special handling.

Our Pup Activities

To break up your pup’s day with us, daily activities include fetching, chasing, running and playing with fellow dog guests and, of course, lounging. Our Dog Coaches will reinforce appropriate behavior throughout the day. We use a variety of training methods and mental games to ensure that all our dog guests are safe and entertained. PupTown also has a running track for those pups that need to burn off excess energy. All play areas, including the track have rubber flooring that make it easy on the bones! Hey… did someone say bones?